Paul teaching at Harvard Law School

Imagine going to do battle without a plan. Imagine not having a blueprint when building a house. Remember assembling children's toys without reading the directions?


One of my favorite sayings is "you don't want to find out what 12 people think about your case on the first day of trial."

Focus groups and case planning are the key to successful litigation today. Focus groups let you test run your discovery, your witnesses and your trial strategy. Focus groups and case planning show you your strengths and weaknesses and allow you to re-frame your presentation to give you and your client the best chance to win. Not using focus groups is a recipe for disaster.

It doesn't cost a fortune to do focus groups. As a lawyer, I often charge on a contingent basis, unlike non-lawyer consultants. I bring 39 years of experience as a trial lawyer, as well as many years of teaching and conducting focus groups.

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Paul interviewed on CBS news about the new TV series, “Bull,” a show about a trial consultant. Paul was billed as Milwaukee’s real life trial consultant